Sunday, March 15, 2009

A wave of congratulations

The spring round of awards-finalist listings brings wonderful news. Three poets whose work I love, each of whom was a student of mine at one point or another, are up for prizes. Rick Barot's WANT is up for a Lambda Literary Award. James Allen Hall's NOW YOU'RE THE ENEMY is a finalist for the Texas Institute of Letters Award for Poetry, and a Lambda Literary Award. Jericho Brown's PLEASE is a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award and for the Thom Gunn Prize from the Publishing Triangle. Whoo hoo!

A spray of confetti also for Liz Bradfield, our friend here in Palo Alto, a Stegner Fellow whose first book of poems, INTERPRETIVE WORK, is also a Lammy finalist, as well as a finalist for the Audre Lorde Prize from the Publishing Triangle.


Philip F. Clark said...

Mark, thank you for directing us to these new voices! Look forward to reading them.

C. Dale said...

And Congrats to YOU for being named finalist for both the Thom Gunn and the Lambda. You conveniently left that part out.

Collin Kelley said...

Congrats to you Mark and all the finalists!