Monday, November 24, 2008

Hope for us all (#2)

Photo taken a few days ago at 23rd St and 8th Avenue.


Michelle said...

There are some wonderful people in the world.

Anonymous said...

Just seen your good news. CONGRATULATIONS on winning the National Book Award!!!

Paul Lisicky said...

Do you know that Penn South is the complex of towers behind Dallas BBQ? Imagine a parakeet flying onto one of those balconies! (Perhaps it's time for a coda to "Signal.")

Joan Seliger Sidney said...

Joan Seliger Sidney

Nancy Devine said...

i'm thankful this thanksgiving for, among a host of things, the blogs i've become nearly-addicted to reading on a daily basis. your blog is one of these blogs.
i appreciate how much you share your life with your readers.
and i learn here, one of my very favorite things ever.

galincal said...

A pet cockatiel landed in my front yard a few months ago, late in the afternoon. The neighborhood children were excited. We managed to get it into an old hamster cage and put it in the laundry room. There, it was quiet except for peeping, flapping its wings, and trying to peck me whenever I reached in to change its water.

I put a lost and found ad on Craigslist, and within a few days, a volunteer (there are many, apparently) combing lost and found listings on a variety of websites, had matched the bird up with its owners, who live about a half mile away. It had been out for several days, practically defenseless. They thought it had flown south and were looking in that direction. The flyers we had tacked to telephone poles never met up with theirs.

The minute the bird heard the voice of the owner when she came in the house, it began tweeting excitedly. When we opened the cage, it flew out and sat on her head. It was actually her son's bird, and the day she came for the bird was his 14th birthday.

I hope the parakeet gets back home.