Friday, May 29, 2009

Sim City

Appropos of the previous posting listing the names of iris, here are those flowers in a bin at the Green Market in Union Square this morning. It was misting a little, and the produce and flowers there were aglow, so that everything for sale -- ramps, bok choi, mustard greens -- seemed phenomenally desirable.

On the way home, carrying my bags of asparagus, coleus and sage, I passed a fruit vendor on Sixth Avenue who was misting his grapes -- artificial version of the day!

And back home, West Sixteenth Street seemed weirdly wide. The movie that was being shot last week on Sixth, with huge klieg lights shone onto the old department store building that's now Bed Bath n Beyond, has moved over here. Artificial version of the street. Complete NYC moment: what is bounty and what is bounty's representation,
and who can tell the difference?


Mim said...

I'm all for make-up.

kevin_saver said...

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Jillie said...

This post reminds me of "Theory of Multiplicity"... though seeing as how I read it less than an hour ago, it's probably just beginning to take hold. Anyhoo, your posts are all beautiful. I think one of the best gifts you have is the ability to paint an ordinary scene with words so rich it makes the plain moment luminous. Keep going!