Monday, May 25, 2009

Who has been to Throop?

I was looking for some information about satellite TV when I came upon a list of towns in New York State where service is available -- a listing, in other words, of all the towns in the state. Herewith, in no particular order, are some I found especially enticing: Paradox Lake, West Candor, Stone Arabia, Kismet, Promised Land, Sparrowbush,
Big Moose, Sunken Meadow, Clockville, South Nineveh, Neversink, Echo. And here is a set of towns where one might not want to live: Throop, Lake Desolation, Middle Hope,Semina, Sanataria Springs, Starkville, Gray. (My apologies to readers in any of these probably perfectly cheery regions.)


UPDATE: Mark Wunderlich reports that he actually lives near Stone Arabia, and that I missed another splendid town near there, Medusa.


Pam said...

I worked and lived near Sparrowbush, up along the Delaware River, not far from Neversink, Cuddebackville and Pond Eddy.

Jillie said...

Try living in a town that's pronounced Me-no-money. We just tell customer service agents to change the "ey" to an "ie". The neighboring town? My ex kept calling it Eclair until I explained "It's a town, not a donut. It's 'O' (Eau) Claire."