Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I have been found by Mr. Briggs Arthur of Barclay's Bank

This e-mail arrived today; it's pretty wonderful, save for Mr. Arthur's assertion of his skin color. I'm not sure how to read that number -- a billion? some unthinkable sum of millions? -- but it sounds good. I like the way the writer seems to have just given up on credibility, as if he's tried more modest proposals and now he might as well just pull out the stops. Anyone want to write and claim the treasure?

My Dear Partner,I am contacting for good.

I have Million Pounds that I want to Transfer to your Bank Account.

Please Reply Immediately to enable me give you more Informations about this Transaction.

I am a white Man and also a British Citizen.

I will send to you a Copy of my International Passport Once I receive Reply Ok.

Please we will deal only through Email for security Reasons.

Email contacts : (barclays_bank62@yahoo.co.uk)

From Yours Partner

Mr.Briggs Arthur

Director Barclays Bank