Thursday, May 22, 2014

An ancient survivor invites metaphor...

Here's a splendid travel journal, in few words and vivid photographs, chronicling a trek to
see a lonely, idiosyncratic plant, the last of its family, an ancient survivor. After millions of years on earth, it seems to be doing quite well in the furthest deserts of Namibia. I'm guessing there are many readers who, like myself, may find themselves identifying with the writer's description of this plant: a deep root searching, only two strappy leaves visible, waiting for the desert fog that comes, now and again, to sustain. (Okay, I know the metaphor's a little on the edge of the melodramatic, but hey... the life of this plant seems to invite the imagination. And, dear NPR, "ugly" is far too easy here!)

So what if it's ugly... )