Saturday, December 6, 2008

"Say goodbye to her, the Alexandria you are losing..."

I've spent most of the day packing, and it's not like I've done that much physical labor, but for a while thia afternoon I was so weary I had to lie down. It wasn't til later, when I went up onto the roof deck at dusk to look at the lights and get some air, that I realized that what I was actually feeling was an underlying sadness. I took some pictures of the skyline and the traffic on Montrose below, thinking about the way this strange jumble of a city has been part of my life for ten years now. I'm ready to go, but there's also something poignant about moving on.

Later, after the gym, I went to a Vietnamese restaurant I like, and a Ukrainian waitress took my order. While I was dipping half-circles of dry translucent rice paper into a bowl of hot water and then rolling up herbs and lettuce and cucumbers and the most delicious fried onions, some guys went through the dining room carrying a huge Christmas tree, so big you couldn't see all of it at once as it passed horizontally through the doors. When I left, the staff were decorating the tree. A man and a woman in bad glam-rock costumes, with butterfly swirls painted on their faces, came in for dinner.In the parking lot, I stopped to listen to the loudspeaker from the gay bar across the street. "This is for you, James," the DJ said, "for your birthday, bitch." Then he proceeded to play a very funny, dirty parody of a popular ballad sung by an emotive black woman, so loud that it filled the whole parking lot, louder than the traffic going by:

You can fuck me in my bedroom
You can fuck me in the kitchen
You can fuck me with a dildo
Just fuck me when you can.

Viet Nam, the Ukraine, Christmas, glam rock, the tacky old sweet and filthy world of old-school gay bars: all at once. Oh, and I got a fortune cookie with my dinner. Goodbye, Houston.


Collin Kelley said...

What a way to go.

lu said...

What Collin Said.

That and a little mothering--It's been such a whirlwind of stress and wonder in your world. Eat well, Sleep well, and wear a scarf drink Orange Juice and eat Chicken noodle soup just incase the crud is creeping...

Paul Lisicky said...

Ah, sweet and funny. I'm feeling a little of that sadness to, the kind of sadness that's only possible when something better is on the way.

Here's a link to the song I think you were thinking of:

Click here.

Ms Baroque said...

Hi Mark, I only just discovered your blog very recently - after hearing you read at Poetry International. Congratulations on your award and the rest of it - this is the post I'm choosing to come in on, because I just love it. Technicolor! It is hard to leave - but it will be wonderful to arrive.