Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jesus, Walgreens

This morning I'm on foot in Houston, which means a whole different social world opens to me; there are so many cars here, and walking anyplace is basically discouraged by the physical design of the city. So, when you're on foot, you're with the homeless, the poor and the damaged. It's almost always instructive. I walked down to the copy shop on Westheimer, and on my way back passed a bus stop where a middle-aged black man was sitting in a small shelter. He looked at me and said loudly, "I don't care what anybody says, I'm going to keep on praying to Jesus and his big ass."

Then I stopped at Walgreen's to pick up some supplies for my trip, and the soothing commercial voice coming over the PA while you shop said, "Want to make your home more eerie? Walgreen's can help."

I bet.


Paul Lisicky said...

To the big ass, sing praise! (Now watch this come up on Google.)

lu said...

This is why walking is essential.

Walgreens is pure evil, just as they promise in the promo. I live in an urban area where larger more affordable grocery stores have all packed up and moved out. Where a bottle of laundry detergent is $2.99 in the larger markets, Walgreens charges $8.99. The poor and homeless are forced to shop at these stores.

You bet Walgreens makes for eerie, it's the devil himself.