Sunday, October 12, 2008

traveling writer gropes his way through American airports

I had such a great time on Thursday, driving from New Hampshire to Logan Airport in Boston with my old friend Mekeel, that I got completely involved in our conversation(a lot of very funny gossip about our mutual poetry comrades), so much so that when I said goodbye at the terminal curb, I left my glasses in their case in Mekeel's car. I still had prescription sunglasses with me, so I got home in those. Then, when we went out to Fire Island on Saturday, I found my old pair of glasses (big black hornrims)and wore those. Today we had to dash to make the 11:50 ferry so I could catch a plane here at JFK, and when I got to the airport and went to check in at the little boarding pass machine, what did I notice? No glasses. I'd left them in the Pines.

I try to resist waxing too readily metaphoric about this kind of thing, but hey, twice in four days? Have I seen enough, this semester, am I ready to stop looking?

Well, I've got those sunglasses, so I look either glamorous or suspicious here in the Jet Blue waiting area, and if I hold the screen close to my face, I can write this post.


Overheard at Dunkin' Donuts, JFK: "Will they let you take a donut on a plane?"


Paul Lisicky said...

Glasses in the Pines? *No.* And I told you how much I loved those glasses.

Perhaps it's time for Lazix.

Paul Lisicky said...

No donuts on planes! No food with holes on planes!