Friday, December 19, 2008

First storm in Amagansett

It's snowing like mad in Amagansett -- the first storm we've seen in our new house. It's our second full day here, so there are many firsts already and more to come. The snow came down very quickly, in tiny sharp flakes, and it brought with it an icy wind that's stil blowing, though the snowfall seems lighter now that it's mid-afternoon, the sky already darkening. Paul's asleep on the living room floor beside the Christmas tree; he looks particularly adorable. I've spent the last two hours in new-tech hell, the inevitable flummoxed state when you start with a new computer or modem or anything of the kind. How to get the cable modem to talk to the airport to talk to the laptop? I know I'd rather set this aside and go look out the front door, at the woods across the road over our gate.


David@Montreal said...

enjoy the newness of it, and the peace of a world muffled in snow

here in Montreal,we've had snow for a few weeks now
today's challenge is minus 27 degrees celsius chill factor and 15centimetres of new snow on the way
let's just say it keeps things interesting!

congratulations on the new house- it sounds like the two of you are in for a whole season of 'firsts' and newness. enjoy! and hopefully we'll get to read about it too !


Marie-Elizabeth said...

Yay for being in your new house for this first snowstorm! Have you found Hampton Chutney yet? Definitely a place to venture out to once the roads open up. xo

Mark Doty said...

I love Hampton Chutney. I don't know if they're open in the winter or not?
But it's surprising how much out here is... Though there's a sweet small-town feel to it all, in that way that people in resort places relax off-season.

Shopgirl said...

Here goes the neighborhood! Welcome, welcome! Two writer poets making their home under the trees beside the bay amidst artists of every stripe. Ben venuto from Canio's! Happy Solstice! May your new year in your new house be filled with peace & light.

lu said...

I think this is the perfect house warming present you could recieve.

Welcome home.

Michelle said...

A beautiful photograph. I hope you and Paul are happy in your new home. An exciting way to begin 2009!