Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Walt Whitman for Levi's


Unknown said...

Nice to see poetry eking into the broader societal mainstream, no matter how abbreviated (or unattributed). I think Whitman wouldn't object.

Mark Doty said...

Peter, I think he'd appreciate the blue denim, as opposed to say, Dockers.

Unknown said...

Mr. Doty,

I'm an aspiring poet, having studied under Carol Muske-Dukes, Grace Schulman, and April Bernard, in Baruch College's Sydney Harman Program. I was wondering if you were giving any poetry readings in New York City this summer.

I live in Astoria so it is relatively easy for me to attend.

Hope you enjoy the summer.

-Cornell Lemons

gleeindc said...

to say nothing of the flesh:
But the expression of a well-made man appears not only in his face,
It is in his limbs and joints also, it is curiously in the joints of
his hips and wrists,
It is in his walk, the carriage of his neck, the flex of his waist
and knees, dress does not hide him . . .

julia said...

Walter would love this ad!

Hey, Mark, I liv'd in The Springs for 20 years, now in Western Ma - I love your work, and your blog -


Mim said...

Walt, a Levi man for sure:

"No dainty dolce affettuoso I,
Bearded, sun-burnt, gray-neck`d, forbidding, I have arrived,
To be wrestled with as I pass for the solid prizes of the universe,
For such I afford whoever can persevere to win them."

Jack said...

Keith Haring's Radiant Baby, anyone??

Mark Doty said...

Hey all!

Cornell, nothing scheduled till September, when I'll be at the New School. See listing on -- there'll be more stuff added in the city later on, but right now I'm on summer break, more or less...

Glee, Mim, wonderful quotes. I especially love "dainty dolce affetuoso." which is such a weird funny label -- as elsewhere when WW
says that cologne is for "foofoos."
These are pretty hilarious 19th c versions of "sissy."

Julia, where in the Springs? I LOVE it here, I'm so grateful to have found it.

Jack, you bet, very strong resemblancr!

julia said...

Mark, I lived at 35 Harbor View Lane, in the Springs. I return constantly, in my dreams, and sometimes in person, to the East End. I was an early denizon of Canio's Bookstore.

Anonymous said...

i've not seen the ads. is there any attribution to Whitman so someone could see it and hopefully go and become familiar with his poetry?